Xoralia SPFX Installation Guide

Xoralia SPFX Installation Guide


This deployment document describes how to install the Xoralia SPFX web parts and adaptive card extensions (ACE’s) onto a SharePoint Tenancy.

This document assumes that:

  • The deployment is undertaken by a competent I.T. professional
  • The person undertaken the deployment has administrator permissions (including access to the SharePoint App Catalogue).

At the end of the deployment, the SharePoint tenancy will have access to the following SPFX web parts and ACE’s:

  1. Must read documents web part (targeted)
  2. All documents library web part
  3. Documents due for review web part (targeted)
  4. Org-wide documents due for review web part
  5. Expired documents VIVA extension card
  6. Must read documents VIVA extension card
  7. Documents due for review VIVA extension card

How to deploy the “Xoralia-SPFX.sppkg” package to your App Catalogue

Visit the admin centre for your SharePoint tenancy (*-admin.sharepoint.com, where ‘*’ is the name of your tenant.

Click “More Features” in the left panel.

Click the “Open” under the Apps section of “More Features”

Click “App Catalog”

Click “Apps for SharePoint” in the left panel

Click “Upload” and select the “xoralia-spfx.sppkg” file and click Open

Select the “Make this solution available…” checkbox if you would like to deploy the Xoralia SPFX web part’s and ACE’s to every site on your tenancy, otherwise leave unchecked.

If you leave it unchecked you will need to add the app manually to each site.

Click “Deploy”.

We then need to approve Microsoft Graph API. To do that, you can use either Option 1 or Option 2.

Option 1

Go back to the SharePoint Admin Center and click “API access” in the left-hand side panel

Approve the “User.ReadBasic.All” and “Sites.Read.All” permissions. The “API access” window should then look like below:

Option 2

Visit https://portal.azure.com and go into the “App Registrations”

Click “All applications” and then click on “SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal”

Click the Ellipsis on the grey bar, then click “Add to configured permissions”.

Click “Yes, add”

Click “Grant admin consent for {{tenant}}”

Click “Yes”

Visit a page and click the edit button, then the “+” icon to add a web part. Type Xoralia in the search bar and the four web parts should appear

Add the web parts to the page to check that policies are rendered with no errors.

Add the All documents library web part to the page and configure the web part properties to make sure that policies are shown for at least one document library

Now we will add the Adaptive Card Extensions to the Viva Connections Dashboard. The dashboard is only available on the “Home” site.

For this deployment guide we will use the “Policies” site, however you should take some deliberation with the rest of your organisation in deciding what site is best served to show the Dashboard.

Go to the SharePoint Admin centre (*-admin.sharepoint.com) and click “Settings”. Then select “Home Site” then type out the root URL of the site you want to set the Home site as then click “Save”.

Visit the site you have selected as your “Home” site (in this case https://77gl5l.sharepoint.com/sites/Policies) and click the settings cog, then “Set up Viva Connections”.

NOTE: Sometimes it can take some time for this option to show up – try going in and out of Site Contents to force the option to appear

Click “Create Dashboard”

You will then be redirected to the Dashboard page, where you can add the ACE’s

Download user guide: Xoralia SPFX Installation Guide

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