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Policy management software for SharePoint to help minimise risk, reduce admin and achieve compliance

Xoralia is an intelligent and easy-to-use policy management software for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

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Sharepoint policy management software

What is Xoralia?

Policy management software

We understand that it can be a challenge for any organisation to manage multiple documents, keep policies up-to-date, train employees and achieve company-wide compliance…

Policy management software streamlines the entire policy lifecycle for policy owners and compliance teams. It ensures content is current, undergoes proper review and approval, is distributed to relevant stakeholders, and maintains a transparent audit trail for accountability.

Which is why we have created Xoralia, an intelligent policy management software that automates and streamlines the full policies and procedures lifecycle, making it easier, more efficient and less time consuming for organisations to achieve compliance and minimise risk.

Built for SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft 365

Xoralia is perfect for organisations that are using or planning to use SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft 365, as it enables users to store important documents inside their existing SharePoint libraries, whilst accessing and managing them through Xoralia’s powerful document management tools and user-friendly interface.

Why choose us?

Minimise risk and achieve compliance

Managing policies with spreadsheets and emails can be risky. Xoralia reduces risk through automation. It has features that eliminate administrative errors, govern policy creation and updates, manage distribution and readership, and maintain a detailed audit trail.

A single-source-of-truth policy hub

A common problem in organisations is keeping policies ordered and accessible. It can be hard for employees to find documents when they are scattered across multiple shared drives, often with older versions popping up unexpectedly. Xoralia helps you keep an ordered estate of policy documents, with intuitive search tools, giving you the assurance that users are always reading the latest versions.

Reduce admin time

Xoralia drastically reduces the admin time required to keep on top of policy management. Intuitive policy creation and update workflows take the headache out of chasing stakeholders and tracking versions. When itcomes to distribution, Xoralia makes it quick and easy to target mandatory reads, test understanding, and chase people to complete their read tasks. It’s also got features to onboard new employees!


Many policy management solutions suffer from being complex and hard to use. We have designed Xoralia with ease-of-use as a key objective. This means weather they are document owners, stakeholders or document readers, users feel confident and empowered when using it.

What our clients say

"Xoralia has proven to be an invaluable asset in our policy management endeavours. Its seamless integration with Microsoft 365, coupled with its custom automation capabilities and insightful reporting, has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and user engagement.

I highly recommend Xoralia to any organisation seeking a robust and user-friendly policy management solution. Xoralia not only excels in providing intelligent and efficient policy management software but also stands out for its exceptional customer support and project delivery team."

Rian Stuart, IT Manager


"We have found Xoralia to be very beneficial to us as it has allowed us to focus on other area's as Xoralia will take care of who has read the documents and notify them if they have not. A great time saver and tool for document management all together."

Tim Galer, IT Coordinator


"LifeArc operates in a strictly regulated sector where compliance and information security are critical. It is essential that LifeArc’s workforce have easy and effortless access to the latest up-to-date policies and procedures, which is the structure Xoralia gave us.

The Content Formula team helped to get our policies organised and categorised ahead of the ISO:27001 audit and from 3 days hard work from the team the ISO certification was achieved!"

Adam Lythgoe, IT Manager (Business Services)


"All our policies are now stored in a central and accessible location and easy to find, and we have a tool (Xoralia) for managing, distributing and tracking policies and procedures in Boyum IT.

In addition to us saving a lot of time in policy creation, distribution and tracking, we can now easily educate and train our staff, ensure our policies are read and we remain regulatory compliant."

Nadja Friedrichs, Chief Human Resources Office

Boyum IT

"Gama Aviation has implemented Xoralia in a number of areas in our business. It’s one of the few systems we’ve adopted without any teething issues.

Most recently Xoralia has been a key part of our regulatory process approved by the aviation authority in one of the countries where we operate. We’re very pleased with it."

Daniel Tee, Chief Information Officer

Gama Aviation

What our clients say

Common problems our customers faced before they found Xoralia

Key product features

Central policy hub

Xoralia software provides a central hub for both document owners and employees to access and manage policy documentation all in one place.

Central policy hub
Target individuals & groups

Connect employees to the right policies based on their division, location, team or role.

Target individuals & groups
Reporting & tracking

Provides a record of who has read and hasn't read which policies and when with analytics, dashboards and audit trails.

Reporting & tracking
Filtered search

Advanced search functionality with flexible findability options and filters, including: groups, departments, locations, tags, keywords and metadata.

Filtered search
Notifications & reminders

Automatically sends policy task email notifications and reminders to individuals or groups so they never miss anything,

Notifications & reminders

Create new policies and update existing ones in a controlled way with workflow automation and audit trail.


Additional addons

with Xoralia
SharePoint web parts

Make Xoralia policies available inside your SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint web parts
with Xoralia
Teams & Viva integration

Xoralia comes with a Teams app and cards for the Viva Connections dashboard.

Teams & Viva integration
with Xoralia
Rich API

Extend other applications in your workplace with Xoralia’s rich API.

Reporting & tracking

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Policy management is an important area for every organisation, to help minimise risk, achieve regulatory compliance and standardise the way employees do things to drive efficiency, however, it does comes with some real challenges.

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