Target, notify,

Xoralia is an intelligent policies and procedures software for
SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Office 365

  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft 365

Track and manage all your policies, procedures and other controlled documents

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

User friendly

Ensure your policies are easy to find in one simple central library, instead of being lost on disparate drives or scattered across multiple sites

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Target policies to the right people

Connect employees to the right policies based on their division, location, team or role

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Mandatory policies and reads

Request employees to acknowledge that they have read and understood policies that are mandatory to their role

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management


Send policy task email notifications to individuals or groups so they never miss anything

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Recurring tasks

Request users to read a policy on a recurring basis (e.g. annually).

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Assign policies to groups

Xoralia works with AD groups and Office 365 Groups. Xoralia monitors groups for new joiners (and leavers) and automatically triggers (or cancels) attestations.
Perfect for onboarding new employees!

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Tracking and reporting

Automatically keeps a record of who has read which policies and when with analytics, dashboards and audit trails to meet any compliance needs

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Version control

Robust policy life cycle governance and version control minimises the risks associated with using out-of-date policies

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Available in Teams

Provide access to policies in the flow of work: easy access to the policy library from right within Teams

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Tools for policy owners

Targeted views and notifications for policy owners to help them manage their policies and keep them up to date

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management


Attractive and intuitive interfaces for admins and policy owners

Xoralia Sharepoint Policy Management

Fully searchable

Full search with flexible findability options and filters for policy owner, location and mandatory / non-mandatory reads

Simple and intuitive

How it works

For end users

  • Get alerts for the policies that you need to read as part of your role
  • Acknowledge and prove that you have read mandatory policies
  • Easily see which policies you still need to read
  • Search and find policies easily through one single interface
  • Available on your desktop browser, your mobile browser and Teams

For compliance managers

  • Demonstrate a systematic and controlled approach to policy management
  • Aggregate all company policies into a single, user-friendly repository
  • Keep track of all the policies in your organisation – review dates, policy owners, versions
  • Get org-wide metrics on mandatory policy reads
  • Quickly identify when policy reads are falling behind schedule

For policy owners

  • Manage and organise the whole policy lifecycle from creation to review
  • Manage changes and versions to your policies in an intuitive and efficient way
  • Automate the dissemination and tracking of mandatory policies
  • Be notified when you have policy tasks such as reviews and expiries

For IT and intranet managers

  • Aggregate all company policy libraries into a single, user-friendly repository irrespective of where they are in your SharePoint estate.
  • Xoralia integrates into your intranet, inside Teams or as a standalone tool
  • Quick and easy to setup. Minimal training required

What our clients say

Gama Aviation

A global aviation company providing jet charter, management and maintenance services to individuals, corporations and government agencies.

“Gama Aviation has implemented Xoralia in a number of areas in our business. It’s one of the few systems we’ve adopted without any teething issues.
Most recently Xoralia has been a key part of our regulatory process approved by the aviation authority in one of the countries where we operate. We’re very pleased with it.”

Daniel Tee, Chief Information Officer, Gama Aviation