Success Stories

Success stories

At Xoralia we put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Which is why we alway strive to go that little bit further and work that little bit harder to ensure that our customers have a great experience using Xoralia software and services.

Discover how our customers are using Xoralia in their organisation to manage their policies and procedures, and achieve compliance...


LifeArc operates in a strictly regulated sector where compliance and information security are critical. It is essential that LifeArc’s workforce have easy and effortless access to the latest up-to-date policies and procedures, which is the structure Xoralia gave us.

The Content Formula team helped to get our policies organised and categorised ahead of the ISO:27001 audit and from 3 days hard work from the team the ISO certification was achieved!

Today Xoralia provides easy access to nearly thirty key policies, processes and guidelines relating to information security, risk management, physical security and related topics. Employees and consultants working with LifeArc are now introducing Xoralia’s employee attestation features to confirm that staff have read and understood policies. Given the success, the team are now working with Content Formula to plan and extend the use of Xoralia to focus on documentation relating to laboratory operations.

Adam Lythgoe
IT Manager (Business Services)

Boyum IT

Before implementing Xoralia we tried to manage everything about Boyum IT’s policies and procedures manually, but creating, maintaining, communicating, and training on our policies and procedures required a significant effort, excessive emails, poor visibility and reporting, and lack of accountability. As the company grew we wanted to optimize and automate the process throughout all of the stages of the policy life cycle including drafting, editing, approving, updating, distributing, gaining employee attestation, and maintaining an auditable database of records.

To save time and be more efficient we started to investigate the solutions in the market and decided on Xoralia because it seemed intuitive and very user-friendly and as it is built on Sharepoint it seemed the perfect match for us. All our policies were already available in Sharepoint and it was an easy implementation and start.

It’s still very new for us and we have only used Xoralia for a short time and mainly to target mandatory HR policies to the team and request them to acknowledge the receipt. This works so perfectly and we don’t have to worry about sending reminders. Next, we want to look into the entire policy lifecycle management for our policy owners which we believe will highly improve and automate the process.

All our policies are now stored in a central and accessible location and easy to find, and we have a tool (Xoralia) for managing, distributing and tracking policies and procedures in Boyum IT.

In addition to us saving a lot of time in policy creation, distribution and tracking, we can now easily educate and train our staff, ensure our policies are read and we remain regulatory compliant.

Nadja Friedrichs
Chief Human Resources Office


Before Hughes worked with Content Formula to implement Xoralia, all our policies and procedures were stored on an outdated and lacklustre intranet – staff were able to view documents, but the consistency of naming conventions and strict version control were not so steadily implemented and we weren’t able to gather any data against the policies. Since having Xoralia, our policies – and since increased scope in document types, we have been able to keep our company documents in one simplified area for staff to access providing a single south of truth for the latest version – while also enabling management to set required documents as a “must read”.

With the “must read” assignments, Hughes are now able to see who has and more importantly track who has not read the documents required of them. Fortunately because of the Xoralia webparts also provided by Content Formula our staff intranet (The Hub) also makes it really clear which documents are outstanding to be read. This is on top of the reminders sent via email and MS Teams, overall saving management a significant proportion of time from having to continuously chasing their staff.

Post live on Xoralia, we have seen other ways to also increase its benefit within the business, such as organising new-starter packs that are automatically assigned to new staff added into our All staff Active Directory group which works dynamically with Xoralia. Having one up to date starter pack assigned in Xoralia ensures us that all staff are onboarded properly and provided with the right policies, procedures and guidance documents as soon as they join Hughes.

In addition to the attestation functionality, the new (Xoralia 3.0) line managers dashboard has made it so much easier for managers and team leaders to keep a check on their staff throughout the year, making sure they are up to date with reading the company policies and procedures and use this information in staff monthly reviews and bi-annual appraisals.

In summary, introducing Xoralia has overall made Hughes more significantly proactive with our documentation for staff and was a great investment for the company saving both time and money quickly after being implemented. Both staff roles (either setting up documents or being the individual reading them) have found Xoralia easy to use and efficient, even more so since the new Xoralia 3.0 update earlier this year.

Tim Galer
Hughes Trade IT Coordinator

Gama Aviation

Gama Aviation has implemented Xoralia in a number of areas in our business. It's one of the few systems we've adopted without any teething issues. Most recently Xoralia has been a key part of our regulatory process approved by the aviation authority in one of the countries where we operate. We're very pleased with it.

Daniel Tee
Chief Information Officer

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