Policy management software – targeting

Target policy documents

Xoralia policy management software makes it easy to assign mandatory read documents to individuals, groups and targeted segments.

assign policy documents

Quick view of documents that are due for review or have expired

Xoralia provides an easy-to-use interface that helps policy owners view at-a- glance which policy documents are coming up for review and which have been expired.

It also displays the percentage numberof people who have completed their policy read tasks.

quick view policy read report
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target policy users
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Target policies to the right people

With Xoralia, it's easy for document owners and admins to assign mandatory read tasks to individual users or groups. Simply enter the names of the individual people you want to target, or enter the name of an AD group or Microsoft Teams group.

Once a target audience has been specified, Xoralia allows you to set a read by date and an expiry date for mandatory reads.

Email notification

When a task is set, all the users who have been assigned the task will receive an email informing them that they must acknowledge and attest to reading the document and understanding the policies that are mandatory to their role.

policy email notifications
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