Policy management software

Policy management software

Policy management software for Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams

Organizations that are serious about compliance, risk, quality, safety, and values are also serious about their policies and procedures. They understand that managing policies effectively requires a disciplined, systematic approach.

This is why the best companies use policy management software, and increasingly, they use a policy management tool built for Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams.

Xoralia is the policy management solution for modern organizations keen on efficiency and rigour. It’s designed to make life easier for all employees.

Xoralia software works on desktop and mobile devices
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Xoralia policy management software, in a nutshell

  • Xoralia is built for Microsoft 365 and works tightly with SharePoint and Teams to bring policies into the daily flow of work.

  • Streamline and automate the policy management lifecycle from end-to-end

  • Make all your policies available in one central library where employees can browse and search.
  • Target policies to specific employee audiences to ensure the right people are reading the right documents and attest to doing so.
  • Manage policy creation using your own policy templates and automate review and approval processes.
  • Powerful reporting and audit features so you can demonstrate policy management discipline and investigate issues.

Policy management software that lives inside your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

  • Managing policies and procedures inside Microsoft 365 brings a multitude of benefits.
  • Keep full control of your documents inside your secure SharePoint environment.
  • Draft policies using Word Online and all of its features like track changes and version control, and collaborate live on your policies with your co-drafters.
  • Push out notifications in Outlook or inside the Xoralia Teams app.
  • Option to make your policies available inside your SharePoint intranet thanks to Xoralia’s powerful SharePoint webparts.
  • Leverage audiences and groups already setup in Active Directory (a.k.a. Entra ID).
Central policy management library for Microsoft 365

One easy-to-use central library for all your policies

  • Make it easy for employees to find what they need with enterprise policy management software that brings all policies into one place, even if they are dispersed across your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Intuitive tools for browsing, searching, filtering and, coming soon the Xoralia AI bot can answer questions about your policies.
  • Add your own custom meta-data to policies to help with finding and filtering.
  • Employees can bookmark policies into ‘My favourites’ and see most popular documents.
  • Version control means only latest version is available to read but version history is available for audit purposes.
  • Control access to documents based on role, department, country etc.

Create target audiences for your policies

  • Xoralia policy management software for SharePoint enables you to create custom audiences or use existing groups from your Active Directory (no help needed from IT).
  • Targeting works for mandatory policies that an employee must read and acknowledge, or recommended policies that they need to be aware of.
  • Target audiences are dynamic, so if someone joins or leaves the company, Xoralia picks it up.

Powerful policy software attestation drives up compliance

  • Xoralia sends out notifications asking people to read and confirm they have read a document. These are called policy attestations or acknowledgements.
  • Set quizzes and tests to check they really understood a policy.
  • Automated notification reminders in Outlook email and Teams mean you don’t have to chase non-readers.
  • Line managers get a personalised dashboard showing which direct reports have read and which have not read their mandatory policies.
  • Achieve high acknowledgement rates with Xoralia policy management system – some companies report rates of 99%.

Controlled policy creation and updates

  • The policy management software manages policy creation, enforcing the use of document templates where required.
  • Draft policies in Microsoft Word (or other Microsoft Office tools)
  • Set expiry dates and notification reminders for existing policies so that they are renewed regularly and on time.
  • Create custom rules or workflows that nominate who drafts a policy, who reviews and who approves it.
  • Create workflow templates that you can use again and again.
  • View workflow status in a simple, visual format showing exactly where a policy is in the workflow at any one time.
  • Xoralia workflows are designed to be super easy to use and require minimal training.
Policy creation workflow

Reviews and approvals designed to be easy and quick

  • Good policy management discipline means policies must be reviewed by subject matter experts and approved by accountable senior staff.
  • Xoralia helps manage the review and approvals processes, sending out notifications in email and Teams to those involved, and chasing them to make sure tasks are done on time.
  • The software provides intuitive task lists for reviewers and approvers so they can quickly find and complete their tasks.
  • Review and approvals can be set to be in sequence or in parallel to suit your needs.

Reporting, analytics and audit trail

  • Document owners get detailed attestation metrics and read reports whilst compliance staff get big-picture dashboards with drill-down data.
  • The policy management tool logs all actions related to policy creations and policy updates.
  • Xoralia ensures enterprise-level auditability with detailed records showing timestamps, tracked changes, version history, people involved and more.
  • Usage reporting and analytics is authenticated and records are locked and cannot be changed, satisfying auditability regulations like FDA 21 CFR part 11.

Customisable Microsoft 365 software to suit all your enterprise needs

  • If Xoralia’s powerful built-in functionality isn’t enough for you, then there are multiple options for customisation and integration.
  • A key aim at Xoralia is to be the most customizable Microsoft 365 policy management software.
  • Xoralia policy management system comes with a set of SharePoint webparts so you can build your own controlled document system or a quality management system customised to your business.
  • Xoralia webparts can also be dropped into your SharePoint intranet pages and configured, helping raise policy awareness and engagement to your employees.
  • Xoralia comes with a powerful, documented API enabling you to build your own applications in PowerApps, workflows in PowerAutomate, and custom webparts for SharePoint.

Implementation is quick and easy and we’re always there to help​

  • Xoralia takes minutes to install – small companies can be up and running in little more than a day. Larger companies can be up and running in a few weeks, dependent on their existing policy management processes and documents.
  • We provide implementation services for our customers to help them get value from Xoralia as quickly as possible. These can be simple implementations or those that require consultancy, document migrations and training.
  • For customers wanting to build custom applications based on Xoralia, we can offer consulting services and project services.
Xoralia is quick to implement
Install Xoralia freemium today

If you want to road test Xoralia, get started now!

  • Xoralia is a freemium software product – this means you can road test its policy management features for as long as you like in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Talk to us so we can help you install it and get you up and running quickly.
  • If you have the right administrator rights on your Microsoft 365 tenant, you can get started with Xoralia for free (no credit card required).

An intuitive system with fast adoption and zero training for end users

  • We’ve built Xoralia with ease-of-use as a core principle. The interface has been designed to be intuitive and smooth, so that you can spend little or no time training users. End-users (policy readers) should require no training at all.
  • We listen carefully to customer feedback so we can improve usability and utlity, and strip out complexity and interface clutter.
  • Our Quality Assurance team tireless test Xoralia every day to tease out every bug and usability issue.
  • We’re confident that Xoralia adoption in your organisation will be fast and painless.
Xoralia requires no training for end users
Xoralia support warranty

Policy management software with a warranty for your peace-of-mind

  • Xoralia comes with our “it just works” support warranty – we’ll fix any bugs, often before you even notice, at no charge, and with no extra support fee.
  • If Microsoft make a change to Microsoft 365 that causes something to break (this is rare), we jump on it quickly and keep you updated on progress.
  • For organisations that want more hand-holding and premium support we can offer additional support packages – but we don’t think you’ll need it!

Evergreen software for modern, changing enterprises

  • Xoralia is not a finished product and never will be – we are updating it all the time, adding new features and releases to ensure it keeps up with technological and business change.
  • We hope that our evergreen approach to Xoralia means that you will want to use it long into the future because we can help you and your organisation be more successful.
  • Customers are kept abreast of our plans and releases are communicated in advance. Changes and releases are carefully planned so as to cause minimum disruption to our customer base.
Xoralia evergreen policy management software for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

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