Policy management software – attestation

Automate your policy management process

Keeping track of multiple document lifecycles and the readership of mandatory policies can be challenging, but with Xoralia you can automate your policy management process, automatically send emails and teams notification, and easily obtain electronic attestation without the need to chase.

Simply, set it and forget it!


Assignment for new joiners and leavers

With Xoralia, when a new user joins a group that has a document assigned to it, then that new group member will automatically be assigned the document from that point.

This can help streamline the onboarding process, because Xoralia will constantly monitors groups for new joiners and leavers and issues notifications accordingly.

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Recurring assignment notifications

Policies and controlled documents often require regular review, reassignment and attestation to meet compliance needs.

Xoralia allows you to set automatic policy notifications on a recurring basis, by simply selecting the number of days between reassignment.

Easy attestation

With Xoralia, obtaining attestation is so much easier than having to repeatedly check and chase employees for participation and manual signatures.

The software enables user to electronically read and sign the policy documents in their own time.

If the document has not been attested to by the expiry date, Xoralia will automatically send out reminders until the mandatory read task has been completed.

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