Energy and utility

Energy and utility industry

Policy management software and compliance solution for the energy and utility industry

Energy and utility compliance needs

Energy and utility industries provide society with the fuel and critical resources that people and businesses rely upon every day.

To ensure bulk power systems remain reliable, regulatory authorities impose strict standards on energy organisations, where ethics, governance, and risk management are top priorities. These regulatory standards relate not only to the generation and transmission of power, but also to consumer rights and corporate risk management.

Under increased scrutiny, energy organisations are required to comply with fluctuating global, federal, state, regional and local regulations and face the substantial challenge of staying on top of complexed standards of conduct. This includes communicating and enforcing policy, and maintaining a multitude of documents for reporting and auditing.

A robust and efficient policy and procedure management system is crucial for compliance teams within energy and utility organisations to uphold regulatory standards and ensure that important policy information is communicated to everyone it relates to.

Helping to meet compliance

At Xoralia, we understand the increasing pressures and challenges encountered by the highly regulated energy and utility industry, which is why our policy management software has been created to streamline and automate all elements within the policy lifecycle, providing an easier, faster and more efficient way to achieve compliance and mitigate organisational risk.

Best policy management software for the energy and utility industry

Xoralia policy management software is a powerful and intelligent solution that makes it easy to administer and manage complexed policy document workflows and has been specifically built for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams, so that energy organisations can easily integrate it with their existing systems.

Everyone benefits

Xoralia benefts everyone one involved in the policy management process, making policy information and documents more accessible to all who need them.


Policy users can easily find the policies and documents that are relevant to their role, and have an easy, electronic way of reading and acknowledging mandatory policies through Xoralia's 'Easy attestation' feature.

Legal and HR

Departments responsible for legal, compliance or governance can be involved in creating and reviewing policies. Policy managers benefit from a streamlined, automated and easy to administer policy management process that can improve compliance and reduce both organisational and human risk.

Regulators and auditors

Xoralia software not only keeps policy documents organised and up-to-date in one centralised location, but also automatically records dissemination and attestation activity, meaning there is a clear audit trail for regulators.

IT department

Once set up, Xoralia software requires very little, if any IT resource. The software is very easy to use for both policy managers and users, and has automated systems that can save admin time and improve accuracy and efficiency.


Frequently asked questions about our policy management software for the energy and utility industry.

Yes. Installation typically takes less than 15 minutes and only involves you accepting the Enterprise Application that we will provide you with at the time of setup. If you’d like more information, please contact our support team to find out more.

Yes, Xoralia can be accessed and used on both desktop and mobile devices.

Yes, Xoralia has been built specifically to work with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 and requires an Azure AD account.

At no point does Xoralia consume or store the contents of any documents stored on SharePoint or any other platform. Xoralia only stores the names of people who are assigned documents or those who have some sort of privileged access such as document owners, Xoralia admins etc.

You can read more about Xoralia data storage and backup here.
The Xoralia application infrastructure has been built with security at the forefront. All Azure services that are utilised are protected by both Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewalls and Azure Virtual Networks. This ensures that only valid, secure traffic is passed on to Xoralia web apps and APIs.

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