Backup, retention and location of Xoralia data

Backup, retention and location of Xoralia data


In this article, we will describe how Xoralia handles backups, what data is backed up and retained on Xoralia systems and where that data is stored. Any further information required can be requested from [email protected].

What data is stored on Xoralia

Xoralia uses the following information:

  • Active Directory usernames (UPN)
  • Active Directory first and last names of users
  • Active Directory group names (of groups that are used in Xoralia only)
  • Document filenames and IDs
  • Document meta data that has been set inside of Xoralia (tags, review dates, assignments)
  • SharePoint site names, URLs and IDs
  • SharePoint document library names, URLs and IDs
  • Document reporting information (who has read, who has been assigned, when a document was read, which version was read)
  • System auditing information (system logins, who assigned a document, who updated metadata)

At no point does Xoralia consume or store the contents of any documents stored on SharePoint or any other platform. Xoralia only stores the names of people who are assigned documents or those who have some sort of privileged access such as document owners, Xoralia admins etc.

Back up policies

Xoralia backs up all data listed above every 24 hours in differential backups with point in time backups occurring every 7 days. All backups are stored for 7 days. Recovery of information usually takes less than 3 hours if required. Xoralia does not copy or back up your actual documents at any point since these are stored in your SharePoint instance. If any recovery needs to be made within SharePoint, Microsoft’s standard SharePoint back up policy backs up data every 12 hours and typical recovery times are less than 12 hours. If in doubt please check with Microsoft.

Retention of data

Once a customer has ended their association with Xoralia, all data relating to that installation will be removed from Xoralia systems within 90 days.

Location of data

During installation of Xoralia, you can choose which location your data will be stored in at rest. Currently Xoralia supports two Azure regions: UK South and Central US. Customers can select their favoured data residency location during installation.

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