The Xoralia permissions model

The Xoralia permissions model

In order to carry out certain tasks in Xoralia a user needs to have the correct permissions. Some of these permissions are set inside Xoralia and others are set inside SharePoint. Please refer to our article ‘How to configure SharePoint permissions with Xoralia‘.

The Xoralia permissions model:

Roles and permissions

Office 365 tenant admin

Where is the permission set?

Required to carry out the one-time installation of Xoralia inside your Office 365 tenant. Office 365 tenant admin centre

Xoralia admin

Associates Xoralia with relevant document libraries inside SharePoint Xoralia admin panel
Manages various Xoralia settings such as branding Xoralia admin panel
Grants reporting-only access (see ‘Reporting’ below) Xoralia admin panel

Document library owner

Has full access to all documents inside a library (see ‘Document owner’ below) SharePoint permissions

Document owner

Has access to edit documents inside a library SharePoint permissions
Has ability to set document expiry dates Document owner column in the document library
Has ability to assign documents as mandatory reads Document owner column in the document library
Has ability to add other document owners Document owner column in the document library
Has access to reporting access Document owner column in the document library


Required to access reporting only for a specified document library Xoralia admin panel

Document reader

Can read a document SharePoint permissions
Can attest a mandatory document has been read When doc owner assigns a document as mandatory read

Download user guide: The Xoralia permissions model

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