How to assign yourself or others as Document Owners

How to assign yourself or others as Document Owners

To be a Document Owner means the user will be able to assign the document to a user or groups to read in Xoralia. The metadata field that drives these permissions can be found in SharePoint. First, navigate to your SharePoint site and document library associated with Xoralia. You should see three columns which drive the access and data displayed in Xoralia, Document Contact, Document Owner and Document Version. Edit these columns using grid view.

The Document Owner column is a People Picker field. Select as many Document Owners as you need within your Active Directory to manage the document within Xoralia. Giving people the Document Owner permission means they will be able to set expiry dates, assign documents, set read by dates and access document read history in Xoralia.

Exit grid view once done, then wait a few minutes for Xoralia to sync and pull through the new permission level.

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