Bulk assignments

Bulk assignments

There may be times when you want to assign multiple documents at once with the same assignment settings (i.e. due dates, target audience etc.). This could be especially true when you are first setting up Xoralia.

To bulk assign several docs at once go to the ‘All my documents’ view in Xoralia and select the documents you want to assign. Then click the ‘Assign documents’ button in the top right. This will launch a pop-up. The fields in the pop-up are the same as those in a single document assignment.

To bulk assign, select the relevant docs and click the ‘Assign to employees’ button

The bulk assignment pop-up is very similar to single assignments

Note that you can’t bulk assign documents that already have assignments set up (in fact, Xoralia won’t even allow you to select docs that already have assignments). If you wanted to do that you would need to clear the existing assignments first.

Download user guide: Bulk assignments

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