Policy library

Policy library

Benefits you can expect from Xoralia's central policy library:

1 Make it easy for employees to find the policies they need

  • Advanced search capabilities: powerful search in the policy management software helps employees to quickly locate a policy using keywords, categories and tags.

  • User-friendly interface: Xoralia’s clean, intuitive interface is designed to make browsing and searching for a policy straightforward for all users.

  • Personalised employee dashboards: each employee gets a dashboard that gathers all the policies that matter to them, including mandatory policies, recommended and favourite policies.

  • Link related policies: gather related policies into logical policy collections

  • Mobile optimised: employees can access policies on-the-move

Policy management tool makes it easy to find policies

2 Publish and distribute policies to your library with ease

  • Automated publishing workflows: take the hassle out of creating and updating policies with workflows that automatically send task alerts to reviewers and approvers.

  • Targeted publishing: push out live policies to specific target audiences based on groups, roles, departments and locations.

  • Prioritize policies: specify one audience group for whom the policy is ‘mandatory’ and another audience group where it is just ‘recommended’.

  • Policy expiry workflows: ensure policies are updated on time with alerts and workflows that notify policy owners when a policy is approaching expiry.

3 Track and evidence that employees are reading critical policies

  • Easy attestation: employees get a notification when a policy is mandatory asking them to read the policy and acknowledge they have understood it.

  • Automated chasing: employees that do not read policies are reminded automatically with notifications.

  • Quiz feature: test employees’ understanding of a policy with the easy-to-use quiz feature.

  • Recurring policies: set a mandatory read policy as a recurring task so that employees’ awareness stays fresh and up-to-date, year after year.

  • Everlasting audit trail: Xoralia keeps a persistent audit trail of all policy read requests to every employee, including their compliance, version read, quiz scores etc.

  • Line manager’s dashboard: every line manager automatically gets a dashboard to help them keep tabs on their direct reports policy compliance.

  • Powerful audit tools: rest assured that during an audit you have all the tools to evidence a robust policy management regime.

4 Speed up new hire onboarding

  • Automated onboarding: new employees are automatically shown which policies are critical and recommended to them.

  • Personalised onboarding: new starters get a personal dashboard with all must reads personalised to them and their role.

  • New hire notifications: new starters get a regular alert listing which policies they still need to read, with deadlines for each.

  • Automated leaver process: read tasks for leavers are automatically cancelled, but their records are retained for audit purposes.

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