Caching and performance

Under normal circumstances Xoralia should load libraries and reports fast. We’ve built the app to be efficient and have tested in scenarios with libraries containing over a thousand documents.

In order to achieve fast speeds and performance at all times we have had to put in place some caching functions. This is because querying SharePoint at page load time can be slow, especially with large libraries containing many documents. Whilst standard users are not likely to be affected by this, document owners might notice irregularities caused by caching.

It’s useful to know how caching works so that you do not get any unexpected results when using Xoralia: the system queries SharePoint document libraries at 10 minute intervals and caches the results. When a user loads a library Xoralia is returning the contents of the cache. This means the list of documents is at most 10 minutes old. Any documents uploaded into a document library within this 10 minute window might not show up until the cache is refreshed by the system. Document owners who upload a document into SharePoint and then want to start working on them immediately in Xoralia should wait up to 10 minutes before the documents will appear and actions such as assigning documents can be carried out.

Please note, caching does not affect ‘Documents I must read’. This list is always up to date and loads instantly.