Gama Aviation boosts regulatory compliance with Xoralia

Gama Aviation boosts regulatory compliance with Xoralia

Gama Aviation provides global business aviation services and support to individuals, corporations and government agencies. Sectors covered include private jets and air ambulances.

Gama has highly complex global operations in a heavily regulated industry where compliance is king.

It is critical that Gama’s 1300 or so employees have real-time access to policies and procedures on areas such as safety, flight procedures and technical matters, as well as HR, IT and other employee services. Some policies are also country specific.

Previously policies were kept in multiple repositories and managed by many different business functions. It was far from straightforward to find the right policy.

Stakeholders also had no easy way to distribute new policies or let employees know about changes. This made it difficult for the company to fully demonstrate compliance around policy management to regulators.

A central policy library integrated into the SharePoint intranet

When Gama Aviation introduced a Microsoft 365 digital workplace the team seized the opportunity to find a comprehensive policy management solution.

The company had introduced a new SharePoint intranet and saw it as the ideal place for employees to access policies and procedures, all in one, single area.

Any policy management solution had to not only integrate with SharePoint, but also meet Gama Aviation’s complex compliance and reporting requirements.

Ticking the right boxes

After reviewing various products, the team settled on Xoralia as the perfect policy management solution, integrating seamlessly with SharePoint but also ticking the boxes around compliance with features such as employee attestation.

The team had also had an existing successful working relationship with Content Formula, having already delivered their new SharePoint intranet.

Policies that are easily findable and all in one place

Today Gama Aviation employees have one convenient, central repository for all their policies, proving easy, real-time access through the intranet.

At last employees can effortlessly find the latest version of a policy through search or by browsing, regardless of which business function, country or topic it covers.

Employee attestation features essential for compliance

In a regulated industry like aviation, it is essential that business functions can prove that policies are being read. Xoralia’s employee attestation features means that new hires must confirm that they have read and understood key policies.

Similarly, all employees must attest to some key policies each year. Xoralia’s granular reporting means it is possible to track progress and ensure all employees have successfully carried out the annual attestation process.

Helping busy policy owners

Gama Aviation also has a legal requirement to ensure that some policies are reviewed and signed off each year by the appropriate policy owners. Previously, some very busy owners found it hard to keep on top of this process.

Using a combination of Xoralia’s review workflow capabilities and in-built views, life is made easier for policy owners who know exactly when they need to review their policy and get automated reminders.

There is also a clear record of when policies are reviewed and approved, helping drive transparency and accountability.

A fit-for-purpose system that satisfies regulatory requirements

Overasll, Gama Aviation need to show the regulators at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that they have a robust system in place around policy compliance. By introducing Xoralia, Gama Aviation has been able to demonstrate their approach to policy management is fit-for-purpose.

Additionally, Xoralia’s reporting and auditing features prove each year that employees are reading polices while owners are also reviewing their policies appropriately.

Policies available anytime, anywhere…even from the air

Xoralia is optimised for mobile devices. Many of Gama Aviation’s employees don’t sit at a desk, but can access Xoralia wherever they are, either via the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app or the Microsoft Teams app.

Flight crew can also access policies as part of the “electronic flight bag” – a solution that uses an iPad, meaning that Xoralia can even be accessed from the air.

A solution that keeps evolving and improving

As Gama Aviation’s needs evolve. Xoralia has also continued to improve with new features and enhancements across each release.

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