Timeline and release notes


This timeline shows previous versions of Xoralia as well as new and upcoming releases.

25th July 2022 Xoralia 2.4.0
Xoralia 2.4.0
User dashboard, suite of reports for system administrators, custom notification email address, notification on/off functionality, extensive read history logs.
Release Notes
9th May 2022
Xoralia 2.3.0
Xoralia in Teams, document quizzes and read history reporting. Release Notes
21st March 2022 Xoralia 2.2.0
Xoralia 2.2.0
Freemium product release, license management and administration portal, and improved document preview. Release Notes
1st February 2021 Xoralia 2.1.0
Xoralia 2.1.0
Front-end admin, a simplified experience, downloadable reports and helpful SharePoint web parts.
Release Notes
1st November 2021 Xoralia 2.0
Xoralia 2.0

Xoralia but better.
A user-friendly solution to manage your documents and policies.

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