Xoralia 2.1.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.1.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

  • Simplified and enhanced look-and-feel for end users
  • Front end admin panel
  • Self manage Xoralia admin permissions
  • Self manage removal of legacy or unwanted document libraries
  • Branding – custom logo upload
  • Introduction to reporting – read report download
  • SharePoint webparts and user focused notifications

Start up/Log-in screen

  • Changed for simplicity
  • Aligns with Microsoft log in theme
  • 'Set up Xoralia' for self-installation guidance on new tenants

Usability improvements

  • Last synced awareness
  • Version history awareness
  • Simplified experience choosing document library
  • New 'Settings' admin panel

Admin panel

  • Add custom logo to Xoralia
  • Improved library association options
  • Remove library association for legacy libraries
  • Manage your license

Amend and update Xoralia admins

Improved reporting

  • Read report readability enhancement
  • New functionality to allow read report download file
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