Xoralia 3.2 release notes

Xoralia 3.2 release notes

Highlights of this release:


Group together relevant documents for users to browse categories easily, e.g. “New starter pack” or “ISO:27001 documents.

Collection admins can be set by the Xoralia administrator in the Xoralia Settings.

Collection admins will receive a new menu item beneath Document Governance where they can create collections and manage collections once created.

Collection admins, once they have created a collection, can add other owners to help them manage and add to existing collections. Only Collection admins can create collections, once created the collection admin automatically gets added to the ownership group of that collections. Collection owners can edit the settings and documents, and delete the collections they own.

Collections will display to readers within our next release, allowing time for the administrative task of configuration of Collections ahead of Xoralia 3.3 – where a new navigation will simplify browsing.


Allow users to favourite documents or collections, making them more easily accessible upon re-entering Xoralia.

My dashboard update

A more purposeful user dashboard for everyone, with user favourites displayed for quick access to documents.

New report: Document library information

See details of all document libraries synced with Xoralia and their compliance information – useful for managers that need to provide reporting per document library, which is often set by department, division, or location.

New report: Compliance per user

See details of all staff and their compliance rate across all their assignments. A quick solution to see who is least compliant and needs to work on their policy knowledge.

Re-read post document update

Policies should be regularly maintained and updated, and after the changes it is often required of readers to re-read and attest to reading the policy again. The new re-read button enables a simple process to request users to re-read the document, giving them a new assignment date and read by deadline based on original assignment details.

Organisation wide most-viewed documents

A high level overview for Xoralia admins to understand the most viewed documents across Xoralia. The information can be found under Reports > Document information.

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