Xoralia 3.0 release notes

Xoralia 3.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

Line Managers dashboard

Xoralia’s Manager dashboard works using your Microsoft365 Active Directory. For individuals who manage a team and are specified with the Manager field of their teams User profile, Xoralia’s new functionality will allow manager’s to check their teams attestation records and compliance information!

Global search (across all document libraries)

We understand users often don’t know where documents live and their appropriate library. To resolve this issue we have implemented a global search in our new navigation. This allows users to search for partial or full document titles and the results allow them to further refine via filters such as Tags and by Document Contact.

User centric navigation

Xoralia has a re-vamped navigation. Previously the application has required its users to navigate to find documents by first selecting a document library, however our new navigation provides every user with a targeted, more user-centric, consolidated library – “Documents I must read”. This new landing page provides a more useful view, providing the ability to see all outstanding attestations across all document libraries in one view.

Urgent indicator for overdue reads

Building upon our new “Documents I must read” landing page, Xoralia has a new indicator within the navigation to highlight when any attestations are overdue.

Browse by library

Understanding that users may still want to be able to browse documents by library – whether they’re documents requiring attestation or not – the browse by library feature is here to stay, too. Document libraries can be accessed via our ‘quick access’ buttons that display within the My reads section. There is also a dropdown option within the navigation that will show all libraries synced with Xoralia to the user.

Document governance (the new Documents you manage)

“Documents you own” has been re-named to “Document governance”, and what was formally known as “All my documents” is now called “My libraries”. Similarly to our navigation re-structure, My libraries now allows for a simpler method to move through libraries where you are a Document Owner.

“Documents due for review” and “Documents that have expired” have been condensed into one area, “Documents due an update”, and now to quickly identify expired documents Xoralia will show a red exclamation mark next to the documents with an expiry date in the past.

A consolidated ‘Assigned documents’ area

To manage and check the information on documents that have been assigned more quickly, our new navigation contains “Assigned documents” where assigned documents across all libraries will be shown to their respective Document Owners.

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