Xoralia 2.6.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.6.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

Multi-lingual interface

Opening up Xoralia to organisation with multiple geographical locations and multi-language speakers, our new option for each user to select their desired language will help with ease of system use. The new enhancement allows for any language update from the Microsoft directory, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and even Mandarin.

Document data history retainment

Documents get deleted by accident, it happens! Documents also get downloaded and deleted intentionally. Also document change their title from time to time. To ensure read history data remains available in the interface to Document Owners at all times, Xoralia has a catch all feature that means if any of the above scenarios arise the documents will automatically be re-recognised by Xoralia provided it is within a 90 day period.

Note, if a document is deleted in SharePoint by accident the user must restore using SharePoint’s own recycle bin if it has been deleted less than 10 minutes. Due to Xoralia and SharePoint’s sync cycle a document re-uploaded too quickly can cause the document ID within SharePoint and Xoralia to conflict as Xoralia won’t have finished processing the removal of the old document.

Also, if you are to re-upload a document to SharePoint and to rename the document immediately, Xoralia will not have synced with the new, reinvented document yet. Please wait 10 minutes to rename the document after uploading to SharePoint.

Dashboard metrics sort order

To ensure usability for each document reader, Xoralia provides a dashboard with a new sort order feature. Sort by Version and Read by date for efficient browsing.

Dashboard recurrence indicator

Every document reader can easily see the difference between a one-time assignment and a recurring assignment via their dashboard. Our new feature prepares each reader for their regular attestations!

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