Xoralia 3.1 release notes

Xoralia 3.1 release notes

Highlights of this release:

Document update workflow

Our new document update workflow allows you to connect a drafts library with your existing library and implement a structured and semi-automated process to help you update your documents.

While leaving the live library in tact for the remainder of the organisation to read, our new feature allows you to create a draft from the existing documents, update its content and distribute to reviews to make corrections and changes ahead of sending it for approval. The approval feature provides a higher level of control, at first only requesting comments alongside the review or approval – although we also allow for approvers to unlock the document for minor edits should they feel necessary.

policy assignment and notifications Watch

Then the final stage of our document update workflow process is to publish the document, which is only allowed once the document has been approved by at least one approver. The document that has been through the process as above can then be published to the live library, overwriting its legacy version all while maintaining version history within SharePoint and audit logs within Xoralia.

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