Xoralia 2.6.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.6.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

Multi-lingual interface

Opening up Xoralia to organisation with multiple geographical locations and multi-language speakers, our new option for each user to select their desired language will help with ease of system use. The new enhancement allows for any language update from the Microsoft directory, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and even Mandarin.

Document data history retainment

Documents get deleted by accident, it happens! Documents also get downloaded and deleted intentionally. Also document change their title from time to time. To ensure read history data remains available in the interface to Document Owners at all times, Xoralia has a catch all feature that means if any of the above scenarios arise the documents will automatically be re-recognised by Xoralia provided it is within a 90 day period.

Note, if a document is deleted in SharePoint by accident the user must restore using SharePoint’s own recycle bin if it has been deleted less than 10 minutes. Due to Xoralia and SharePoint’s sync cycle a document re-uploaded too quickly can cause the document ID within SharePoint and Xoralia to conflict as Xoralia won’t have finished processing the removal of the old document.

Also, if you are to re-upload a document to SharePoint and to rename the document immediately, Xoralia will not have synced with the new, reinvented document yet. Please wait 10 minutes to rename the document after uploading to SharePoint.

Dashboard metrics sort order

To ensure usability for each document reader, Xoralia provides a dashboard with a new sort order feature. Sort by Version and Read by date for efficient browsing.

Dashboard recurrence indicator

Every document reader can easily see the difference between a one-time assignment and a recurring assignment via their dashboard. Our new feature prepares each reader for their regular attestations!

Xoralia 2.5.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.5.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

Xoralia in Teams mobile enabled

The Xoralia in Teams integration has been available for some time, however to make it even easier for mobile users (front-line workers etc) we have also made Xoralia Teams compatible in mobile. Users can browse, view and attest to reading document in Teams on mobile.

Email reminder update

Before, our reminder notifications for end-users to read their document came 30, 15, 7 and 3, 2, 1 and 0 days before the due date, and a final notification is sent the day after the due date. We have since enhanced this functionality so that if the ready by date has passed, the assignee gets chased every 7 days post their lapsed read by date. This is to ensure chasers are sent notifications each week and they are not forgotten.

User dashboard UI enhancements

Average quiz score update includes removed documents

The user dashboard now helps users to understand the calculation of all their average quiz scores over time, so that it includes documents that may longer reside within its original document library.

User dashboard displays failed quiz attempts

Since this release, users can see their pass mark for each attempt at every quiz, whatever their pass mark.

Recurring documents UI in user dashboard

If a document assignment has been set as recurring by the document owner, the document reader will be able to identify the document as recurring, and see the regularity of the recurrence, in their user dashboard

Document viewer upgrade (better quality iFrame/user experience, plus the ability to download or print documents)

The document preview feature now allows for an easier user experience, enabling the user to zoom in and out of documents when reading them on desktop or mobile. This feature also allows users to download and print their documents, or read in accessibility mode.

Other UI changes

Document library sort order

Document libraries are easier to find now in the sort order A-Z. This is particularly beneficial for mobile users.

Document viewer width improved for Document Owners

The Document owner previewer pane is much wider, for a better reading experience when reviewing and assigning documents.

Expired label added to Document Owner pane

Documents that have expired and require review are clearly displayed to the document owner even when assigning documents.

Xoralia 2.4.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.4.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

User dashboard

With the release of a user dashboard, end users are now able to view their read statistics against all documents across all document libraries in a singular view. Our new dashboard displays long term statistics in an easily understood visual chart, encouraging them to read documents on time and try to improve their average quiz score.

For more information, visit our knowledge base page: Xoralia user dashboard

Suite of reports

For users that are a Xoralia system administrator, a suite of reports is now available to help with the use and statistics stored within Xoralia. The following reports are available with their denoted purpose below and can be found in the Reports button in the heading menu.

  1. Xoralia system information
  2. Document information
  3. Document expired or pending review
  4. Document and associated assignments
  5. User read history

For more information, visit our knowledge base page: Reporting suite

Custom notification email address

There is now the functionality to update the email address used by Xoralia to send notifications to individuals within your organisation.

For instructions on how to update the email address used by Xoralia to send notifications to individuals within your organisation, visit our knowledge base page: Changing Xoralia notification emails

Notification on/off functionlity

There is functionality in Xoralia to turn on and off notifications to document owners and end users as well as to modify the from email address.

The toggles and domain modification settings can be found by Xoralia system administrators under the settings menu, which can be found top right to the Xoralia landing screen.

Extensive read history logs

An additional tab has been released into the Xoralia read reports allowing for the visibility and audit history of document readers who are no longer assigned a document, either through the recipient assignees field or whether they have been removed from the active directory group.

The log tab also records when an email reminder was sent to each user, when and by whom. Also, it tracks whether the status change was forced by an administrator or changed by the document reader.

All read tabs are downloadable using our Download this report button and are styled for ease of use.

For more information, visit our knowledge base page: Read report

Read report

Read report

Within the read report there are three tabs for attestation information. The read and not read tabs are indicative of all individuals that are currently assigned the document and their attestation (read) status.

The log tab, provides an extensive view of all read history of the document, regardless of active assignments, plus details of when email reminders have been sent by document owners.

All tabs are downloadable, using the ‘Download this report’ button.

The read tab will give you details of all active assignees that have read the document. It also details the version of the document they read, on what date and other information such as if the status was overridden by the document owner at any point in time.

The not read tab is the same format as the read tab, including functionality to search for users within the assignment by name, location, and department. As a document owner you can also override the status of each individual if desired.

The read log will provide a record of all actions against the documents for both currently assigned and no longer assigned individuals. For example, if someone has left the company, their read records will remain in the log tab.

The log tab is also useful to see when email reminders have been sent to document readers.

All information displayed within the read tabs (including log) is also available in download excel form and follows the same format.

Changing Xoralia notification emails

Changing xoralia notification emails

Changing the notification emails from Xoralia to your custom domain

To update the email address used by Xoralia to send notifications to individuals within your organisation, please ensure first you have an appropriate email address set up within your Active Directory, set with email address and password. The account must also have the correct license to send emails from the account.

The steps below document the process to update/active and de-activate your custom email from address. Note if unchanged or reset, all emails from Xoralia will be received from [email protected]

1. First, switch the Connect account toggle to on, and type the desired from email address into the search field. Click Authorise and save.

2. Next, authentication is required using a password.

3. Once successfully authenticated, authenticate button will be greyed.

4. It is recommended a test email is sent from Xoralia to confirm the account.

5. Test email will be sent to Xoralia system administrators and the account populated within the search field in Xoralia settings.

6. View example below of custom email address being used from Xoralia from a document reader’s perspective.

7. To disconnect or modify the custom notification email address, turn off the Connected account toggle and click ‘Save’. Unless Save is clicked, email address will not be modified.

8. Once reset, the notifications will again be received from [email protected] and the connected account will appear as off.

How to create a quiz for your document readers

How to create a quiz for your document readers

Start off in the Documents you own section of Xoralia

Select the document you want to add a quiz to and select: Add quiz.

This will direct you to the create quiz page.

Specify the pass mark and amount of questions users are required to answer in the appropriate fields.

Create multiple choice or multiple answer questions as appropriate. A minimum of 5 questions are required within the question pool for the quiz to be saved and published to users.

Please ensure you select the correct amount of answers per question type. Please note answers will be ordered as you have written them, they will not randomise.

All of your questions will appear within the question pool if they have been entered correctly.

At any time you are able to Save and Cancel any changes if required. The Edit quiz button will now appear to enable you to Save and Publish your quiz at an appropriate time.

To publish your quiz, click Save and publish.

You quiz will then be displayed to users as having a quiz associated with attestation.

The document readers will see and be required to answer quiz questions as per the set parameters.

Xoralia 2.3.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.3.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

  • Enhanced read history records
  • Quiz builder
  • Teams app and notifications

Enhanced read history records

Xoralia now allows for a read history record that lasts forever. The new condensed view allows for document owners to see visibility of the end-user and their attestations to the documents throughout their version history lifecycle.

Quiz builder

Make sure users read your document by validating their knowledge on information. The new quiz builder functionality will allow document owners to create custom questions, use question pools and set a pass mark to ensure full focus of the reader.

Teams app and notifications

Enhance your organisation’s digital workspace by allowing Xoralia users to access and attest to policies within Microsoft Teams. Keep everything in one space with push notifications to users via Teams too.

Xoralia 2.2.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.2.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

  • Freemium product license
  • License management administration and usage reporting
  • Document preview enhancement

Freemium product license

Try Xoralia for free! The Xoralia team wants everyone to see how good Xoralia is before buying. Our Freemium license lets users test all functionality, excluding branding customisation and report extracts, for an unlimited amount of time

License management administration and usage reporting

  • Track license statistics with our usage bar with corresponding download report
  • All figures are simple and displayed in real time

View granular details on the usage extract report

Document preview enhancement

  • Improve user experience
  • A larger reading window and simplified attestation process
  • No need to close tabs, the users now stays in Xoralia

Document Owners can now fully preview their documents as they assign to readers

Xoralia 2.1.0 release notes

Xoralia 2.1.0 release notes

Highlights of this release:

  • Simplified and enhanced look-and-feel for end users
  • Front end admin panel
  • Self manage Xoralia admin permissions
  • Self manage removal of legacy or unwanted document libraries
  • Branding – custom logo upload
  • Introduction to reporting – read report download
  • SharePoint webparts and user focused notifications

Start up/Log-in screen

  • Changed for simplicity
  • Aligns with Microsoft log in theme
  • 'Set up Xoralia' for self-installation guidance on new tenants

Usability improvements

  • Last synced awareness
  • Version history awareness
  • Simplified experience choosing document library
  • New 'Settings' admin panel

Admin panel

  • Add custom logo to Xoralia
  • Improved library association options
  • Remove library association for legacy libraries
  • Manage your license

Amend and update Xoralia admins

Improved reporting

  • Read report readability enhancement
  • New functionality to allow read report download file

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