The installation for Xoralia in typically straight forward and does not require set up of any resources inside of your infrastructure – Xoralia is a SaaS product and runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform, utilising a verified Azure Active Directory Enterprise Application to connect in to your environment securely.


To install Xoralia, we require you to be a Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory administrator. This will allow you to approve our Enterprise Application in your directory. You can see our Enterprise Application here.

During the installation of Xoralia, you can also select a location where your data will reside in Azure. These locations are currently:

  • UK South
  • Central US

Installation of Xoralia

Installation typically takes less than 15 minutes and only involves you accepting the Enterprise Application that we will provide you with during our guided installation. If you’d like more information, please contact support who will be more than happy to provide you with what you need.

To proceed with the self install, you will need to be a Microsoft 365 administrator, or have them to hand as they will need to allow certain permissions on behalf of your organisation.

For more information on how to set up Xoralia after installation into your tenancy, see our documentation on Associating Xoralia with a new or existing document library in SharePoint.

SharePoint modern webparts

To compliment Xoralia, we have also created four SharePoint modern webparts (SPFx) which you can utilise across your SharePoint sites. Note, these webparts are only available as paid of our paid license plans and you will not receive them until you hold an active license.

These webparts allow you to:

  • show users documents that have been assigned to them and must read
  • show document owners which documents are due to be reviewed
  • show management and/or compliance personnel to view expired documents organisation-wide
  • show all documents that have been added to Xoralia in a library

All these webparts have various configuration settings to give you full control over what is shown. If you would like to use these webparts, they must be added to your SharePoint app catalogue through a simple installation process. Please contact support who will be more than happy to walk you through this.

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