Associating Xoralia with a document library in SharePoint

Associating Xoralia with a new or existing document library in SharePoint


Associating Xoralia with a document library

Once Xoralia has been setup, you will need to associate Xoralia with your document libraries in SharePoint, in order to make documents visible to the end-users.

Please view our video below for instructions on how to associate Xoralia with a document library.

Creating a new Xoralia document library in SharePoint

As a Xoralia administrator, you have the ability to associate Xoralia with an existing document library in SharePoint. But, if a suitable document library is not yet set up in SharePoint an admin can create a document library within the Xoralia app itself.

Open Settings in the top right hand corner of Xoralia (this is an admin only button, if it doesn’t display to user the Xoralia admin will need to correct permissions).

Under Associate Xoralia with a document library, in the Site or site collection field, search for the site collection where the new Document Library is to be created.

In ‘Do you have an existing Document Library?’ select ‘No’. Then add a name for your new Document Library that will sync with Xoralia (note the name is displayed to users).

Proceed to SharePoint to create/upload documents and to add metadata and tags.

Associating Xoralia with an existing document library in SharePoint

As a Xoralia admin you can associate Xoralia with an existing document library by clicking the ‘Add new document library’ button at the top of the page.

Then find the SharePoint site collection where your document library resides.

Then set the ‘Do you have an existing document library’ toggle to 'Yes' and find your document library from the list presented. Click confirm.

As a final step, you may want to add tags to your document library and documents so that these can be shown in Xoralia. You need to do this from within the document library in SharePoint.

When associating Xoralia with an existing document library, your documents, existing columns and data types in the library will be left untouched. However, in order to work, Xoralia needs certain columns and will automatically create these for you unless it finds existing columns with the correct column name and data type. The columns it needs are:

  • A column called 'Document Owner' with data type ‘Person’, ‘Allow multiple selections’ must be 'Yes' even if you would only like to assign one document owner
  • A column called 'Document Contact' with data type 'Single line of text' – this is a free text field so that you can add a department name, an email address, or the name of a person.
  • A column called ‘Document Version’ with data type 'Single line of text' – this does not use the SharePoint document version number but instead allows you to specify your own document version number, date, or other information related to the version.

Note that the column headers and data types must be exactly as above in order to be repurposed. Also note that SharePoint will not allow you to change certain data types without deleting the contents of the columns.

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