Xoralia appears in ClearBox Consulting’s 2023 Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms guide

Xoralia appears in ClearBox Consulting’s 2023 Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms guide

Xoralia is profiled in the 2023 edition of ClearBox Consulting’s Intranet and Employee Experience Platform guide. Xoralia is the only employee experience product that specialises in policy management to be included in the guide.

The ClearBox guide is recognised as the leading independent product guide to intranet and employee experience platforms and has been praised by digital workplace industry figures like Mark Kashman at Microsoft. The guide has been running since 2016.

With independent reviews written by recognised experts in the field, the latest 2023 guide has now been released. Amazingly, the 772-page guide is free to download and is an essential resource for anybody considering buying an intranet or employee experience product or wanting to keep up to date with what’s happening in the marketplace.

In the guide, the Xoralia profile provides salient details about the product. There is also a “ClearBox view” that describes Xoralia as a “useful digital workplace application that works well alongside a SharePoint-based intranet.”

ClearBox also praises various different elements of Xoralia including the “good variety of reporting available” as well as rich features such as employee attestation process with can be set for any policy and group in the Microsoft 365 environment such as new starters. ClearBox comments “we liked the flexibility in this approach and the possibilities around employee onboarding it provides.”

ClearBox also regards Xoralia as providing a “more user-friendly place than SharePoint libraries” and also making “far more sense than trying to develop an in-house alternative” for businesses requiring stricter governance around their policies.

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