Product roadmap

Product roadmap

At Xoralia, we strive to provide our customers with the best document management solution around, and are always looking for and working on ways in which we can improve and develop our functionality and features further. Please see below our roadmap to gain an insight into the upcoming updates.


Document reviews and approval lifecycle

Create new drafts for your document, allowing you to edit and send documents for review and/or approval directly from the Xoralia interface, then make the document live once the lifecycle is complete!

Searching within the content of documents

Search within documents using words and associated terms


Group together relevant documents for users to browse categories easily, e.g. “New starter pack” or “ISO:27001 documents


Favourite documents and collections allowing quicker access to often used documents or items wanting to be quickly accessed


Document not relevant to me (Document reader rejection)

Allow readers to reject the attestation task requested of them. Often users within Active Directory groups are out of date – this feature allows users to notify the Document Owner, providing assistance towards the correction of the assignment

DocuSign integration for attestations

Documents requiring e-Signature can be catered for in addition to the attestation action date and time

Amend ‘due an update’ reminder notification frequency/proactivity alerts

Change the frequency of notifications for documents coming up to expiry

Compliance reporting user permissions

Provide high level access to the overarching reports feature

Application footer – help documentation and support for end users

A footer bar to give users to quick access to videos and help-guides on using Xoralia


Windows 10 notifications

Notify users using their Windows 10 platform, ensuring no notification are missed!

Adaptive cards in Teams

From ‘[email protected] Send your team and colleagues adaptive cards in Teams that takes that straight to Xoralia

Targeted audience builder by attributes e.g. locations

Assign documents to readers based on their Active Directory attributes, such as Location or Department

Auto-escalate feature for expired documents

Ensure document validation remains compliant by chasing document owners with and expiry warning plus a new feature which auto-escalated to the organisations compliance manager or the direct line manager

Additional Xoralia metadata fields

Add your own additional custom metadata- providing increased document information to users

Custom branding colours

Add branding via colour to Xoralia

Configure notification times and reminder frequencies

Configure attestation reminder frequencies for task events and the times they are sent

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