Product roadmap

Product roadmap

At Xoralia, we strive to provide our customers with the best document management solution around, and are always looking for and working on ways in which we can improve and develop our functionality and features further. Please see below our roadmap to gain an insight into the upcoming updates.


Multi-lingual interface

Allow users to choose their preferred language of our Xoralia interface, including Spanish and Frenching

Line Managers reporting dashboard

Track and trace your team statistics using a new dashboard. Details include attestation rates, promptness of attestation, average quiz scoring and escalated assignments.

Adaptive cards in Teams:

From ‘[email protected] Send your team and colleagues adaptive cards in Teams that takes that straight to Xoralia


Navigation menu simplification

The new re-worked menu will allow for an optimised user experience with access to additional functionality and an enhanced search

Auto escalate feature:

If you have an important document that needs escalating when readers miss their read by deadline setting an auto-escalate feature will remind them and their line manager documents need their urgent attention.

Documents I manage admin dashboard

As a document owner you may have more than one document across document libraries that need your management, our new document owners dashboard will help with this


Windows 10 notifications

Notify users using their Windows 10 platform, ensuring no notification are missed!

Page-embed documents

Embed your Xoralia documents onto your digital workspace or public facing site using our Xoralia embed link.

Xoralia on mobile

Get Xoralia on your phone with our mobile app

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