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Policy management software for SharePoint to help minimise risk, reduce admin and achieve compliance

Xoralia is an intelligent and easy-to-use policy management software for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

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policy management software
What is Xoralia?

Policy management software

We understand that it can be a challenge for any organisation to manage multiple documents, keep policies up-to-date, train employees and achieve company-wide compliance...

Policy management software helps policy owners and digital workplace teams to effectively manage their content throughout its lifecycle, ensuring it is up-to-date, accurate and effectively distributed to users.

Which is why we have created Xoralia, an intelligent policy management software that automates and streamlines the full policies and procedures lifecycle, making it easier, more efficient and less time consuming for organisations to achieve compliance and minimise risk.

Built for SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft Office 365

Xoralia is perfect for organisations who are using or planning to use SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft office 365, as it enables users to store important documents inside their existing SharePoint libraries, whilst accessing and managing them through Xoralia’s powerful document management tools and user-friendly front end interface.

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Why choose us?

Minimise risk and achieve compliance

Operating an outdated policy management system can cause serious risks to an organisation. Xoralia software can help minimise risk with functionality that can reduce admin errors, make it easier and more efficient to ensure your policies and procedures are being read, and it provides a full audit trail.

All-in-one centralised policy hub

It can be difficult to track and manage documents when they are scattered across multiple sites, databases and drives. Xoralia can help to ensure your policies and procedures are easy for everyone to find in one simple central library, where documents are easy to save, access and search.

Reduce admin time

Xoralia’s intelligent automated features and functionality can drastically reduced the admin time required to keep on top of: document management, revisions and version control, and notifying and chasing employees to read and attest to policies.


Xoralia is an easy-to-use and intuitive policy management software built for SharePoint, that has been specifically designed to cater for all levels of technical knowledge and abilities. So that all users can feel confident and empowered when using it.

How it works

Policy lifecycle management

Policy management software created to help: HR managers, compliance and risk management teams, policy administrators, and IT managers assign, automate and track their policies, procedures and other controlled documents. Ensuring that the right people are reading important regulatory information.

policy document assignment


Easily assign policies to individuals, groups and targeted segments.

Target policies to the right people
Connect employees to the right policies based on their division, location, team or role.

Assign policies to groups
Xoralia works with AD groups and Office 365 groups.

Mandatory policies and reads
Request employees to acknowledge that they have read and understood policies that are mandatory to their role.

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policy management automation


Reduce the time spent issuing documents and chasing employees to read and attest.

Notifications and reminders
Send automatic email and teams notification to individuals or groups so they never miss anything.

Automatically trigger notification to be sent to new joiners and leavers.

Recurring tasks
Request users to read a policy on a recurring basis (e.g. annually).

Simply, set it and forget it!

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policy tracking software


Automatically track and keep an audit trail of who has read and who hasn't read and attested to policy documentation.

Use Xoralia’s easy-to-use analytics tools and dashboard to track compliance.

Minimise risk & achieve compliance
Keep a record of who has read and attested to policies and procedures to meet compliance needs.

Audit trail
Mitigate legal risk through automatic tracking of employees attestation.

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Xoralia in action

Find out how Xoralia policy tracking software can help you manage your policy documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

What our clients say

As seen in the ClearBox Consulting best intranet platforms review 2023

Xoralia is profiled in the 2023 edition of ClearBox Consulting’s Intranet and Employee Experience Platform guide. Xoralia is the only employee experience product that specialises in policy management to be included in the guide.

The ClearBox guide is Free to download and recognised as the leading independent product guide to review intranet and employee experience platforms and has been praised by digital workplace industry figures like Mark Kashman at Microsoft.

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Receive guidance on the specific solution and set up for your company’s document policy management and compliance needs.

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